Sunday 15 July 2018 | The view from Wall Street & Silicon Valley

1205 days ago | By Amanda van Dyke

This Could be the Absolute Bottom in the Gold Sector

You know my views on gold and you may well say that I have been long and wrong for a while but when I am proved correct the upswing will be dramatic. My colleagues at Palisade Capital this week interviewed Jeb Handwerger who bravely is now calling the absolute bottom on the yellow metal. Jeb also explains why shares are going to slump and why he is uber-bullish on uranium.


1226 days ago | By Amanda Van Dyke

Making Money from Black Swan Events as a short and why equity markets look toppy

 I am a gold bull. Soo too is David Skarica and, like him, I am pretty nervous about equity market valuations right now. As I fly back to London from PDAC I am not any more bullish about shares in general than when I left. Skarica is the guest of my colleagues at Palisade Capital on this week’s podcast and explains his thoughts in detail also explaining how small short positions can make you a potential Black Swan killing.


1230 days ago | By Andrew Bell

Is Apple really going to buy a third of world gold production? Anatomy of an evolving myth

On 26 February, providers of the highly regarded Infomine service, published a by-lined article entitled “Apple buying a third of world’s gold to meet demand for iWatch”.



1231 days ago | By Amanda Van Dyke

Gold and silver: the best trades on earth

As an Austrian economist I can only look at the US debt and deficit with despair. It just has to end in tears and that is a key reason why I remain bullish on both gold and silver. And so I am happy to endorse the views of Gregory Mannarino, the guest of my colleagues at Palisade Capital on this week’s podcast. Gregory explains the Ponzi scheme that is the US debt in detail and how to benefit when it all ends in tears. As it surely will.


1240 days ago | By Amanda Van Dyke

Gold Bottomed on 15 November 2014 - 5 reasons it will surge from here

I am very pleased to see that my colleagues at Palisade Capital finally have a woman on the podcast this week – I am chairwoman of Women in Mining! Even better, Gwen Peston, the publisher of is a gold bull claiming that November 15 2014 market the bottom of this market. She explains five reasons why gold will surge from here as we establish, in 2015, the base of a new bull market in gold.


1254 days ago | By Amanda Van Dyke

Jim Rogers – why I remain bearish on gold

I am a gold bug and have been heartened by the recent uptick. But not everyone shares my views. Jim Rogers co-founded the legendary Quantum fund 35 years ago with George Soros and he is still an active investor and he is a two year gold bear. In this week’s podcast recorded by my colleagues at Palisade Capital he explains why and also talks about what it is like to work with Soros and on whether China is a bubble set to burst. Interesting stuff!


1258 days ago | By Matt Earl (The Dark Destroyer)

Swift Transportation (SWFT) ... a touch of the chocolate orange?

London’s AIM has witnessed its share of odd dealings over the past year. Senior controllers of a few AIM quoted companies have dabbled in somewhat esoteric and certainly slightly crafty, sale and repurchase arrangements. The arch practitioner of this scheme was, Mr Rob Terry, former Chairman of Quindell Plc (QPP LN). He initially led market participants to believe that he’d pledged some of his Quindell stock as collateral to an outfit called Equities First Holdings (EFH) in exchange for a wodge of cash that he intended to use to buy further Quindell shares. 


1268 days ago | By Amanda Van Dyke

The panic will hit in 2015, go long gold as the fake US recovery is exposed

I believe in Sound money. President Obama does not. He believes in QE and the Money Tree which is why I agree with Gerald Celente that the US economic recovery is a fraud and that one should be long gold and that we will see blood on the streets in oil.


1268 days ago | By Amanda Van Dyke

Are we back in a bull market for gold?

Are we back in a bull market for gold. For the TA perspective we turn to Jordan Roy Byrne over at Palisade Capital.


1273 days ago | By Amanda van Dyke

Gold & silver technical buys?

I am a fundamentals based gold bug. But is there now a technical trading case for buying the precious metals as well?


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